Remodel VR Showroom
Experience Immersive
Home Design in VR

Step into a world where your design dreams become a reality. Customize every detail from selecting walls colors, textures, and choose the best furniture and decor for your home.

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Paint your space in Virtual Reality

Our VR Showroom goes beyond traditional design presentations, offering an immersive experience that allows you to visualize your dream home with unparalleled realism.

Customizable VR showroom environment

Our showroom is fully customizable, providing a unique and personal experience for each user. You have the power to tailor the environment to fit your specific needs and preferences.

Replace, edit, and paint furniture and decor

You have the freedom to replace, edit, and paint furniture and decor within the virtual space. Experiment with different layouts, styles and see how various pieces of furniture and decor items can transform your space

Paint your environment with your products

Unleash your creativity by painting your virtual environment with a wide array of products from our extensive collection. Our VR Showroom allows you to experiment with different paint colors, textures, and finishes in real-time.

Collaborate with multiple users in your environment

Our VR Showroom makes it easier than ever to collaborate. You can invite multiple users to join you in the virtual environment, enabling real-time collaboration with family members, friends, or interior designers.

Grow your business with Remodel VR Showroom

Integrate the power of virtual reality into your business with our Remodel VR Showroom SDK. Offer your customers an immersive and interactive way to visualize your products in their own space.


Test & Evaluate The VR Experience

Begin by exploring the capabilities of experience yourself. Test the user interface, experiment with our features, and evaluate the overall experience.


Configure The Experience

Customize the VR Showroom to align with your brand such as adjust lighting, textures, and spatial layouts to create a realistic and relatable setting, and create authentic and engaging experience for your customers.


Integrate Your Products Into The Showroom

Bring your product catalog into the virtual world. Upload high-quality images and detailed descriptions of your products. Ensure that each item is accurately represented in terms of size, color, and texture.


Launch Your VR App

It's time to launch your VR showroom app and make it available to your customers. Promote your new VR experience through your marketing channels to encourage your customers to download and explore the app.

Get Started With Remodel VR Showroom Today

Begin transforming your apps now by incorporating our innovative paint visualization technology into your VR projects!



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