Learn how Jazeera Paints is using Remodel AI

With the power of our Remodel AI SDK, Jazeera Paints is revolutionizing the paint-purchasing experience. Gone are the days of guesswork and paint sample tests; our Augmented Reality integration allows customers to visualize and choose their perfect paint shades virtually, in real-time on their actual walls.

A Closer Look

Jazeera Paints' AR Transformation


Visualizing wall colors in a home has always posed a significant challenge. Customers often struggled with picturing how a particular shade or texture would translate onto their walls, leading to hesitation and uncertainty in paint selection.


With the integration of our cutting-edge Remodel-AI technology, Jazeera Paints embarked on a transformative journey into the realm of augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI). Utilizing Passio's SDK, Jazeera Paints could offer its customers an enriched, immersive experience, allowing them to virtually change wall colors and textures in real-time. This powerful tool ushered in a novel method for exploring and selecting wall paints, ensuring the customer found precisely what they needed.

Advanced Features & Benefits

Beyond mere visualization, Remodel-AI's robust computer vision capabilities empower Jazeera Paints to detect various surface imperfections - be it cracks, stains, or paint defects. This in-depth analysis enables Jazeera Paints not just to showcase its extensive paint options and decorative wall coverings, but also to recommend specific products tailored to each stage of the home remodeling journey. From initial repairs and surface preparation to the final strokes of paint, customers are guided seamlessly towards a successful project outcome.


The integration of Remodel-AI into Jazeera Paints' customer experience has revolutionized their approach to paint selection and home remodeling. With enhanced AR & AI tools at their fingertips, customers now enjoy a comprehensive, end-to-end journey that marries visualization with actionable insights, ensuring every painting project is a resounding success.