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Paints AI

Trying to visualize wall colors in your home is never easy.

Augmented reality however can provide a rich, immersive, visual representation of painted surfaces. All in real-time.

Our Remodel-AI technology allows Jazeera Paints to take advantage of the latest advancements in mobile AR & AI capabilities. With Passio's SDK customers of Jazeera Paints are now able to virtually change wall colors and textures, explore new wall paints in a unique way and find products they need.

In addition to showcasing paint options and decorative wall coverings, our Remodel-AI technology uses computer vision to recognize a wide range of surface imperfections such as cracks, stains, paint defects, and much more. Our pioneering computer vision tools allow Jazeera Paints to recommend products across a full life cycle of the home remodeling customer journey, from repairs & surface preparation to wall painting and to successful project completion.

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Augmented reality provides a rich, immersive, visual representation of painted surfaces. All in real-time.

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