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Provide a personalized and immersive experience for your customers by tailoring content and recommendations based on visual data.

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Streamline your customer journey, making it easier for users to find and purchase products that match their preferences.

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With user-friendly APIs and comprehensive documentation, integrating our technology into your applications is a breeze.

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Gain valuable insights into customer behavior and make data-driven decisions that lead to improved engagement and revenue growth.

Ready to use Mobile AI Modules and SDKs

We help businesses transform their applications with real-time, on-device computer vision and AI-driven user experiences.

Case Studies

Learn more how the most innovative companies are using Passio to transform their products.

Nutrition AI

Elevance Health

Passio has been privileged to partner with Elevance Health / Anthem to bring the power of Nutrition-AI into healthcare. Together we are pursuing a daunting task to make nutrition a part of a patient's health record and to give providers a new level of visibility into the health journeys of the people they serve. 

Paints AI

Jazeera Paints

We are privileged to partner with an industry pioneer and a leading paints company in the Middle East, Jazeera Paints. Learn more about the ways Jazeera is transforming its mobile experience with the power of Passio's AI technology.

Nutrition AI


MFP Meal Scan is a new game-changing AI technology that acts just like your eyes, and makes food logging much easier! Dazzle your friends by capturing your meals without needing to type a single word.

Nutrition AI

Simple Life

Simple Life, a pioneer in fasting technology, has introduced to their app our Nutrition-AI SDK to makes food tracking easier and make your fasting journey a lot more fun and enjoyable.