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Transform your application with real-time on-device food recognition and AI-driven nutrition advice.

With Nutrition-AI SDK you can create life-changing AI experiences and grow your mobile app business like never before. To learn how you can customize our SDK, please review our documentation page.

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The World's Leading Nutrition AI

Our Nutrition-AI SDK and proprietary food recognition technology can reduce logging times to seconds, make nutrition tracking exciting and engaging for your users, add new augmented reality experiences and help you coach your members with real-time prompts and suggestions.

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Nutrition AI

Transform your coaching, fitness, health and life-style apps with on-device food recognition powered by Nutrition-AI. Our SDK automatically recognizes over a million foods and ingredients in real time and provides users with a faster and more engaging way to track foods and learn about nutrition.

Real-Time Meal Tracking Without Typing


Foods Recognized


World's Largest
Visual Database


Unique Foods Recognized


Labels Recognized

Key Features

Build your AI Architecture

Our easy to use platform tools help structure and build the taxonomy needed for the data you wish to collect.

Collect your datasets

The data collection mobile app will gather all image data and upload them to the platform for evaluation.

Tag & label your data

Inspect the image data that was taken from the data collection app, and tag them with the labels set up in the taxonomy.

Train the AI

When a taxonomy has enough data training can begin. The AI will determine

Food Recognition

Typing-free logging of over 1.5M foods with UPC scanning and computer vision.

Food Logging

Log nutrients and calories from your meals.

Amount Estimation

Measure food amounts with your iPhone camera.

Healthy Alternatives

Improve impulsive food selections.


Create and track recipes using recipe templates available with the SDK.

Meal Plans

Create and share meal plans using meal plan templates available with the SDK.

Flexible Recognition

Nutrition-AI lets users scan in a variety of ways, making our SDK the most flexible real-time recognition technology in the world.

Whole Foods

Quickly scan single ingredient raw and cooked foods.

Multiple Ingredients

Scan multiple ingredients at once and build custom recipes.


Recognize the difference between different beverage states like when adding milk to black coffee.


Scan barcodes on packaging.

Nutrition Labels

Directly recognize and grab text on nutrition labels.

Packaging & Logos

Packaged food recognition for many common brands without the need to scan UPC codes.

Supporting Chronic Disease Management
& Healthcare Applications

With our roots at SRI International and our deep focus on building the best nutrition tracking technology, we are uniquely positioned to help you build and augment your mobile healthcare applications. We look forward to working with you to help keep your patients on top of their diets and to bring the power of nutrition data to doctors and healthcare professionals.

Supporting Chronic Disease Management

It is well known that eating habits are linked to the majority of chronic health conditions. We believe that by enabling patients to easily track and learn about diets, we can dramatically reduce the cost of care, improve health outcomes and help with disease treatment and prevention.

Keep your doctor in the loop

Based on the daily nutrition diary, we generate a comprehensive nutrition report that can be easily shared with providers. This data gives providers critical, real-time information and full visibility into nutrition of their clients.

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Capture and share your food logs with the world with our Reel Mode

Reel mode lets you easily record and post what you're eating on your social media, so you can share the wonderful experience of nutrition tracking with food recognition to the world.

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Components in the Nutrition AI SDK

Our AI SDKs and Modules come equipped with reference applications and sample code allowing you to get up and running in no time and giving you limitless ability to customize the UX. To learn more, please review our documentation page.


Meal Plans

​Show healthy suggestions and meal plans based on diets.


Nutrition Label Scanner

Our Nutrition Label Scanners enables logging of countless packaged foods by reading Nutrition Labels. This capability expands food logging beyond foods in our UPC database.


Nutrition Database

Our Database includes over 1.5 million whole & packaged foods and also includes a rapidly expanding collection of recipes generated by our team.


Computer Vision

The core of the SDK is our computer vision module trained to recognize over 5k food groups mapped to over 30k raw and cooked food alternatives.


Amount Estimation

Give your users the ability to measure volume amounts of foods without a physical scale by simply pointing their iPhone camera at the foods they wish to measure.



We use optical character recognition to allow logging of common packaged foods without UPC scanning and to power our nutrition label scanner.


MFP Meal Scan is a new game-changing AI technology that acts just like your eyes, and makes food logging much easier! Dazzle your friends by capturing your meals without needing to type a single word.
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Simple Life
Simple Life, a pioneer in fasting technology, has introduced to their app our Nutrition-AI SDK to makes food tracking easier and make your fasting journey a lot more fun and enjoyable.
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Transform your application with real-time on-device food recognition and AI-driven nutrition advice.

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Create life-changing AI experiences and grow your mobile app business like never before.


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