How AI, AR and VR are transforming home remodeling industry

January 17, 2024

Dr. Dmitriy Starson, CEO of Passio Inc.

The future of home remodeling with AI and Mixed Reality

When it comes to our homes and living spaces our choices reflect our identity and aspirations, leading us to invest countless hours into selecting the perfect home decor, collaborating with interior designers, and exploring various paints, furniture, and art. For a long time, the home remodeling industry has been driven by physical samples and face-to-face work with designers. But this industry is now poised for a radical shift driven by  Generative AI, Augmented & Virtual Reality

Imagine a world where, through a simple pair of glasses, your bedroom transforms into a scene from Harry Potter, or your meeting room takes on the grandeur of the Knights of the Round Table. You can not just see the changes, but you can order the products and services you need right there and then! This fusion of reality and fantasy, once a mere figment of science fiction, is rapidly becoming our reality with Generative AI and AR technologies.

Revolutionizing Home Remodeling with Passio’s Remodel-AI

At Passio, we are thrilled to pioneer key aspects of this future through our Remodel-AI technology and our Remodel-VR Showroom. By integrating AI with AR & VR, we enable users to visualize changes in real-time, seeing how their homes would look like with new paints and products. 

Remodel-AI is designed to help users envision their future homes and swiftly order all necessary products to bring their vision to life. Remodel-AI also provides a novel way for companies to engage with their customers and fans.

Instead of bringing customers into physical stores, companies can now bring their stores directly into the homes of their customers.

So how will customers shop for home remodeling products in the future?

  1. VR Showrooms: customers will be able to preview paints and products inside of large fully realistic virtual reality spaces ranging from houses to apartments to castles. VR will allow fully immersive testing and exploration of paints, surfaces, furniture and decor. Passio’s VR Showroom is an exciting first step in this direction.
  1. AR Applications: augmented reality will allow customers to preview their selected products inside of their homes in real-time. It is already possible today with mobile AR applications and the experiences are about to get 10x better with mixed reality glasses such as Quest 3 and Apple Vision Pro. Passio’s Remodel-AI Modules support this vision today and will continue to get better with time. 
  1. AI Sales Advisors: users will interact with AI agents and every business will need to have AI representatives that know everything about the products and use cases supported by the business. These agents will guide users and engage them in fully personalized ways. These AI agents will be able to understand the users, and will use phone cameras and glasses to fully digitize and understand user environments. With our Remodel-AI technology we are making the first steps in this direction.  

Virtual Reality Showrooms and Stores

Let’s explore how Passio VR Showroom can help users select between different products by viewing them inside of a large virtual home. In our VR showrooms companies can present their products in ways that are more immersive and creative compared to standard websites or even compared to physical stores. With virtual showrooms users can try out different colors of paints on the walls, ceilings and floors, change light conditions to go from morning to late afternoon, check how different colors would look like with different furniture and learn about the steps and techniques involved in using the products.

Companies like Jazeera Paints are already taking advantage of Passio VR Showrooms to showcase their paints and home remodeling products to customers at their stores and at industry events like GITEX Global and Leap. Their customer can view products in the VR Showroom, populate their shopping carts, and later view those same products inside of their own homes using AR via Jazeera Paints Mobile Application powered by Passio's Remodel-AR technology. By embracing AR and VR Jazeera Paints is leading the future of paints retail and their journey is just getting started!

Let's see VR Showroom in action. Here is an exciting video example, users can test different paints from the catalog of plain and decorative paints, see the paints under different light conditions and in different rooms and explore products specific to different types of surfaces such as wood.

Transforming Shopping with Augmented Reality

Let's dive deeper into our Remodel-AI technology and see examples of how users can explore different paints on their walls in real time using AR technology running on iPhones and Android devices. This technology is rapidly coming to AR glasses, but regardless of the speed with which glasses become wide-spread, AR experiences via mobile apps are already possible on mobile. We believe that with rapid expansion of AI, AR and VR, these mobile AR experiences are becoming as critical for every retail business as websites and physical stores have been in the past.

Mobile applications powered by Passio Remodel-AI technology are designed to provide several unique experiences to users: 

  1. Users can view countless paints (both plain and decorative) on their walls using augmented reality
  2. Users can view surface products for wood and other surfaces and learn about ways to apply those products
  3. Users can use their cameras to identify various defects (e.g., cracks and molds) and find products required to fix those issues. With Passio's computer vision technology we are supporting recognition of dozens of surface abnormalities allowing you to select the right products for getting your homes ready for new coats of paint.

Let's see Remodel AI in action:

Creating Digital Twins

With computer vision technology users will be able to create accurate models of their houses by scanning rooms with phones or headsets. Passio's Remodel-AI is already supporting a mobile implementation of a scanner that created an approximate digital blueprint and allows users to build detailed room plans with fairly accurate dimensions. With digital twins users are able to properly estimate paint amounts and estimate the amount of work required to complete their remodeling projects.

Let's see an example of this in action:

Welcome to The Future of Home Remodeling

With Augmented Intelligent Reality rapidly evolving, we are entering this new era in home remodeling & shopping. AI is evolving at an unprecedented pace and very soon the limitations we are seeing today will become history. With Generative AI we will be able to transform our homes just by asking AI to change the designs and pointing our AR glasses or our phone cameras into our rooms. Furthermore, with rapidly improving path through of devices like Quest 3 and Apple Vision Pro our AR experiences will become commonplace.

The journey we've embarked on with Remodel-AI is just getting started. We created a VR Showroom, tools that allow you to visualize paints on the walls and furniture, new concepts that let users re-imagine their rooms by taking pictures and applying styles, tools that allow creation of floor plans and early computer vision tools that analyze surfaces and defects.

But this is just the begining. Our vision is to build a future where the lines between imagination and reality blur, remodeling and redesigning home spaces becomes easy, and companies can bring their products into the homes of their audience in unique and creative ways. 

We believe that AI-enabled mobile, AR and VR applications are the future of home remodel and we are aspiring to support visionary companies excited about this future. If you are a paint company, interior designer, studio, home remodeling store, creative design agency or an innovator in the space of home remodel retail, we would love to connect with you and help you bring incredible experiences to millions of your current and future customers.

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