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Building Large Scale AI Datasets

February 2, 2022

This is the second installment that will focus on Passio's work in building large scale datasets and will feature our partners from SheWorks who are helping us scale and direct our global data team. Together with SheWorks we are building some of the world's most advanced AI datasets and we are also creating amazing job opportunities for women around world.

Join us at 11:00am Pacific Time on February 3rd 2022 to learn how we are building and optimizing large scale datasets using both real-world data and synthetic data generated with the help of Unity's synthetic data technology. We will discuss the unique opportunities and challenges of collecting datasets for thousands of classes, handling complex real-world scenarios and optimizing datasets to meet demands of complex industries such as healthcare, fitness, home remodel and more. We will share examples of how Passio's AI Platform is enabling large scale dataset development and optimization and share the lessons we've learned.

Please share and sign up to join us at 11am, Feb 3rd: https://bit.ly/3rm3f8I