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Essential Guide To MyFitnessPal Meal Scan

December 23, 2022

MyFitnessPal Meal Scan enables millions of users to take their nutrition tracking journeys to the next level with AI-driven food logging technology.

Nutrition tracking and meal tracking can be life-changing and are powerful tools for achieving fitness goals more quickly and sustainably. MyFitnessPal, a leader in food tracking, is continually innovating to make nutrition tracking more accessible and engaging for all of its users. MyFitnessPal's latest offering, Meal Scan, is a pioneering artificial intelligence tool developed in partnership with Passio.ai. It enables users to log ingredients and common recipes simply by scanning their plates using their phone cameras. Meal Scan recognizes multiple foods with lightning speed and adds them to your log. Meal Scan is available along with multiple other unique features as a part of MFP Premium.

MyFitnessPal Meal Scan is rapidly evolving and improving and the number of recognized foods is expanding with every release. New capabilities are also in the works, including a unique food amount estimation technology that enables you to estimate the food weight or volume without kitchen scales. 

Here are some of the best practices of getting the most out Meal Scan today:


Meal Scan works best for common ingredients that fit nicely into the camera view of your phone. You can always slightly move your camera or adjust the view angle of the food to help the AI out. For example, a peach could look like an apple when viewed from the top, but with a slight rotation meal scan would recognize your food with higher accuracy.


The best and most accurate way to log complex meals like salads and smoothies is to scan individual ingredients. The way we like to do this is by putting ingredients on the cutting board or the counter before cooking. Here is an example of how easy and fast it is to log a healthy and delicious salad with Meal Scan:


Computer vision is trained to recognize foods that are visible and so if you are eating a composite meal it may be easier to log it by separating the foods on your plate. Here is an example:

Easy to scan and log. Rice broccoli and salmon are clearly visible and are well separated
May be tricky because salmon is hidden under lemon wedges and rice is mixed with broccoli.


In some cases the result may be close, but not perfect. In those cases we suggest you quickly swipe through the list of alternatives we recommend.


When foods are not recognized, we would really appreciate you snapping a quick picture and sharing with us. Let’s take Meal Scan to the next level together! 

Our final advice for the day: have fun and enjoy your fitness adventure! We look forward to making your nutrition tracking easy and fun and we are working tirelessly with our team and partners to be your trusted Fitness Pal.

Wishing you healthy and happy holidays!

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