Ellerca Health Partners with Passio to Launch Advanced Nutrition AI Feature on Its Platform

September 20, 2023

Dr. Dmitriy Starson, CEO of Passio Inc.

Ellerca Health, in partnership with Passio, is excited to announce the launch of a new AI feature in the Ellerca Health platform, integrating Passio's Nutrition AI technology. This collaboration shows Ellerca Health's commitment to enhancing health management through innovation with Passio as a pivotal technology provider.

The addition of Passio's nutrition tracking technology to the Ellerca Health platform is a key enhancement, offering users a more individualized health management experience. Nutrition tracking experience powered by artificial intelligence by Passio is aimed at providing actionable and insightful health information to users and making it easy for them to track their foods.

Daniel Yeboah, Co-Founder and CEO of Ellerca Health, announced the launch, saying, "We're excited to integrate Passio's advanced Nutrition AI into our platform. This collaboration is a step forward in our mission to offer practical, technology-driven solutions for personalized health management."

Dr. Dmitiry Richard Starson, CEO of Passio, also comments, "Working with Ellerca Health is a great opportunity for us. Our technology complements their vision of personalized healthcare, and we're looking forward to seeing the positive impact this will have on the health journeys of Ellerca Health members."

This joint effort reflects Ellerca Health's dedication to incorporating the latest technological advancements for the benefit of its users and members. For more details, please visit https://ellercahealth.com/

About Ellerca Health:

Focused on personalized healthcare solutions, Ellerca Health leverages technology to assist individuals in effectively managing their health.

About Passio:

A machine learning company, Passio specializes in mobile AI and AR technologies, offering a platform that facilitates the development of AI/AR applications. To learn more about Passio, please visit https://www.passio.ai

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