MyFitnessPal Uses Nutrition AI for their MealScan Feature

MyFitnessPal's revolutionary MealScan feature, powered by our state-of-the-art Nutrition AI SDK, allows their customers to capture their meals effortlessly and receive instant, detailed nutritional insights.

A Closer Look

Elevating Nutrition Tracking with MyFitnessPal's MealScan


In an era where precise nutrition tracking is paramount, traditional methods of food logging can be tedious and less engaging, often causing users to drift away from their fitness goals.


To redefine and simplify food logging, we collaborated with the world's leading fitness app, MyFitnessPal, integrating our SDK to bring forth the MealScan feature. Designed to act as the user's eyes, this game-changing AI technology revolutionizes the way users log and understand their food.

Features & Benefits

  • Instant Recognition: MealScan automatically identifies thousands of foods and ingredients in real time, transforming the logging experience.
  • Engaging User Experience: The intuitive interface offers users a faster, more interactive way to monitor their nutrition, making their fitness journey more immersive.

Impact & Reception

Curious about the transformative potential of MealScan? Dive into the 'Introducing MyFitnessPal Meal Scan on iOSto get a detailed overview. Moreover, for a hands-on experience of the feature in action.


The collaboration between our cutting-edge Nutrition AI SDK and MyFitnessPal's vision culminates in the MealScan feature, setting new standards in nutrition tracking. We invite you to experience the future of food logging with MealScan and discover the myriad benefits of MFP Premium.