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We are privileged to power the World's leading fitness app, MyFitnessPal (MFP). Our SDK is enabling MFP's Meal Scan - a new game-changing AI technology that acts just like your eyes, and makes food logging much easier. Meal Scan automatically recognizes thousands of foods and ingredients in real time, and provides users with a faster and more engaging way to track foods on their nutrition and fitness journey. Try it out and learn more about the Meal Scan by checking out Introducing MyFitnessPal Meal Scan on iOS (Link: blog post.

See MFP Meal Scan in action and learn about many exciting ways to use Meal Scan on your fitness journey. Please check out our favorite YouTube video below and read more about the ways you can use MyFitnessPal Meal Scan powered by Nutrition-AI in our recent blog post: Essential Guide To MyFitnessPal Meal Scan.

We encourage you to try Meal Scan in action and explore many other benefits of MFP Premium.

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Log ingredients and single foods with ease! When there are several items on your dinner plate, scan them one by one.
The best way to log complex meals: when making a salad, for example, lay out and scan each individual ingredient before mixing them together.
Log common packaged foods without UPC: when a packaged food is sealed, try scanning the whole package. For example, common protein bars, chips, and many popular foods are often recognized just from the packaging.

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Simple Life, a pioneer in fasting technology, has introduced to their app our Nutrition-AI SDK to makes food tracking easier and make your fasting journey a lot more fun and enjoyable.
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