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AI For Good Series | Creating Job Opportunities Around the World

February 2, 2022

Welcome to Passio’s AI for Good series where we focus on the role AI and AR technologies are playing to bring positive change into the world.

At Passio we believe that Artificial Intelligence is the largest lever our society has to address global challenges like climate crisis, equality, affordable and effective healthcare, high quality jobs and many more. We believe that it is our responsibility to focus on using AI to build a cleaner, safer and more equitable world.

In these series we will share examples and ideas of how AI can be used to build a better world and there is no better way to start than by highlighting our remarkable partnership with SheWorks and our joint work to create jobs, break barriers, create opportunities, and empower female talent around the world.

Building useful AI requires massive amounts of data. For example, our Nutrition-AI technology is trained to recognize thousands of raw and cooked foods from a variety of cuisines. Training a system like this requires us to collect, annotate, and inspect millions of images of foods around the world. Effort of this scale is only possible with a strong and diverse data team that we are building in partnership with SheWorks - a visionary organization focused on empowering female talent world-wide.

With the help of our amazing global data team we’ve been able to build the leading food recognition technology designed to help users around the world to track their nutrition, learn about healthy eating and reach their health and fitness goals. The diversity and strength of our data team is allowing us to create a unique and powerful solution currently powering  MyFitnessPal’s Meal Scan, OpenFit's meal tracker and soon many more applications on iOS and Android phones.

We deeply believe that AI is going to create many more jobs and opportunities than it is going to replace and at Passio we are excited to work with our partners to empower female talent around the world. We believe that with AI and creativity we can create unique jobs that benefit from AI's global reach, leverage geographic diversity and allow people around the world to work side-by-side with AI systems to create new unique products and solutions.