March 22nd, 2023
(You may sign up any time between now and the end date of the hackathon)


April 23rd, 2023
Demo Day on May 4th!


No limit


Get free access to Passio’s Mobile AI platform and use it to train an image classification model and produce an easy to integrate SDK for deployment in your app


Github repo with your app code


Amazon Gift Cards ranging from $500 USD to $50 USD

About Our Hackathon is launching a game-changing Mobile AI Platform and we are inviting you to join our first hackathon! We’re challenging you to come up with a real world problem that could be solved with on-device image classification and build an app to solve it. Participants will get the opportunity to use Passio’s Mobile AI Platform to build an image classification SDK and deploy that SDK in mobile apps.


Starting on March 22nd. Submission deadline is on April 14th End of Day Pacific Day Time. In addition to the time to build your app, you should plan for a few hours for learning our Mobile AI Platform, using it to collect data and build your SDK.


​Fill out the form below. You can participate either as an individual or as a team. One team member per team will receive an invitation to the platform via the email address listed in the form. You can add team members to your team after having signed up to the Mobile AI Platform. You will also get access to our platform documentation and to a joint slack/discord channel with our team and other participants.


You will build an app that solves a real world problem using image classification and Passio’s Mobile AI SDK. The Mobile AI Platform allows developers to easily collect data and build models they need to create a specialized image classification mobile app SDK for both iOS and Android. This includes defining labels, collecting data, training the model, and integrating the model and SDK into your mobile app. You’ll even be able to preview the results in the Passio Data mobile companion app.


You’ll submit a brief description of your app, a link to the Github repository with your XCode or Android Studio application and fill out a short feedback questionnaire about the platform.


The top team will receive a $500 USD Amazon Gift Card, the 2nd prize is a $250 USD Amazon Gift Card. The 3rd and 4th team will receive a $50 USD Amazon Gift Card. We will send out the rewards and announce the winners on April 21st.


1. Image classification use case: We’re looking for smart, innovative, and fun use cases for on-device image classification to solve real world problems. We are especially interested in apps that will be useful beyond the developer team - try to to create something that other people would use! 

2. App quality: We’re not looking for polished, feature rich apps, but we are looking for you to create a functioning app! It should call the Passio SDK and use the results to solve a real-world problem. 

3. Classification accuracy: We want the image classification to work with reasonable accuracy for your use case.