AI Developer Day

Thursday, May 4th @ 2:30 - 8:30 PM PT

SRI International and Online

333 Ravenswood Ave. Menlo Park

  • Keynote by Danny Lange - Head of AI at Unity
  • AI For Good Panel
  • AI Investor Panel
  • AI Demos by & Bay Area AI Companies

About This Event

AI Developer Day was hosted by and SRI International. Durring this event we introduced some amazing AI startups, heard about the road to AGI from the legendary AI practitioner, Danny Lange from Unity, and learned about the latest trend in Mobile-AI apps.

Keynote from Dr.Danny Lange

AI For Good Panel

AI is the most powerful force humanity has ever seen. We have the tools to solve the most daunting challenges faced by our society and truly made our world safer, healthier, more prosperous and more sustainable. How will you use AI to make the world better? What is possible now that wasn’t possible before? How can we use AI to be the force for good?

AI Investor Panel

The world has changed! What companies makes sense in the exponential age of AI?

Startups and approaches that made sense just a year ago are now completely obsolete. What’s even more important is that the world continues to change at a pace we’ve never seen before. How do you build and fund a company in the world of exponential AI?


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