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Nutrition AI

Passio has been privileged to partner with Elevance Health / Anthem to bring the power of Nutrition-AI into healthcare. Together we are pursuing a daunting task to make nutrition a part of a patient's health record and to give providers a new level of visibility into the health journeys of the people they serve. 

With our Nutrition-AI product,  Elevance Health is launching a life-changing, AI-powered Nutrition Tracker available via the Sydney Health App. Nutrition Tracker is already available on the app store to a limited number of users and soon will be expanded to include millions of Sydney members.

No matter where you are or what you’re eating, Nutrition Tracker is designed to make logging quick & simple. With Nutrition Tracker patients can get specific by selecting from a list of alternatives, such as changing a glass of milk to soy milk. Capture multiple ingredients at the same time to build custom recipes, and log over a million packaged foods via UPC codes and by using Passio’s Nutrition Label scanner.

We believe that this effort can be a true game-changer in healthcare! From a study conducted by our team, we determined that over 90% of healthcare professionals say that nutrition tracking can help them improve health outcomes. But less than 15% have access to their patient’s nutrition information. With Nutrition Tracking capabilities provided by Passio, Anthem has risen to the challenge, and we look forward to closing this gap and unleashing the power of nutrition data in healthcare.

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Visually recognize your food with Anthem's powerful nutrition tracker

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