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Enhance human life
with AI.

Passio solves life-sized human challenges with visual AI-as-a-Service platform for enterprise businesses.

Our easy-to-use SDKs reach millions of users who use Passio every day to transform their health, fitness, home, and business.

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Our Values at Passio



At Passio you’re never wrong to do the right thing and you’re judged by your moral compass. There is a zero tolerance policy for dishonesty and everyone is continuously held to the highest standard.


Impact at Scale

We build tools that can help every human.


Fast Innovation

We are in the business of defining the future for the world and for our customers. For us, being on the bleeding edge and defining the future is not optional - it is the core of what we do.


Sustainable World

When humans make smarter decisions with the help of our products, things get more efficient and sustainable by removing excess energy, waste, and time.

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