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Join Our Hackathon and Revolutionize Mobile AI

March 17, 2023

Leverage our game-changing Mobile AI Platform to build innovative apps using on-device image classification.

Join today: https://www.passio.ai/hackathon-sign-up

Passio.ai is thrilled to announce the launch of our groundbreaking Mobile AI Platform, and to celebrate, we're inviting you to join our very first hackathon! We challenge you to identify a real-world problem that can be solved with on-device image classification and develop an app to tackle it. As a participant, you'll gain exclusive access to Passio's Mobile AI Platform to create a computer vision SDK and deploy it in mobile apps that solve real-world problems.

When It's Happening

The hackathon kicks off on March 22nd, with the submission deadline set for April 14th (end of day, Pacific Day Time). Alongside building your app, allocate a few hours for learning our Mobile AI Platform, collecting data, and developing your SDK.

How to Participate

Simply fill out the form on the sign up page to join as an individual or team. One team member will receive a platform invitation via email, and you can add teammates after signing up. Access to platform documentation and a joint Discord channel with our team and other participants will also be provided.

What to Build

Develop an app that addresses a real-world issue using image classification and Passio's Mobile AI SDK. Our platform allows developers to easily collect data, build models, define labels, train models, and integrate them into iOS and Android apps. Preview your results with the Passio Data mobile companion app that you will get along with the web platform.

There are countless apps you can build that use on-device computer vision to solve real world problems. Our team at Passio used the platform to build the world's leading food classification technology that currently powers MyFitnessPal, Elevance Health's Sydney, Simple Life and many other apps. Here are some examples for inspiration:

  1. Build an app that identifies plants and provides care instructions
  2. Build an app that recognizes board games and shows rules
  3. Build an app that recognizes different types of skin conditions and recommends treatments
  4. Build an app that recognizes household items and suggests recycling or disposal methods
  5. Build an app that analyzes food items to estimate nutritional values and suggest healthier alternatives
  6. Build an app that identifies common pests and provides eco-friendly solutions to control them

These are just a few examples to spark your creativity. With the power of on-device computer vision, you can create innovative and practical solutions to address a variety of real-world challenges. Unleash your imagination and make a difference with Passio's Mobile AI Platform during our hackathon!

What to Submit

Submit a brief app description, a link to your Github repository with your XCode or Android Studio application, and a short feedback questionnaire about the platform. We also strongly encourage, but not require you to submit a live app that you publish on the App Store or Google Play Store. After the Hackathon we will be working with the interested participants to publish, promote and help monetize their apps.


Winners will be announced, and rewards sent out on April 21st during an online showcase event!

  1. 1st place: $500 USD Amazon Gift Card (Or an equivalent in your country)
  2. 2nd place: $250 USD Amazon Gift Card (Or an equivalent in your country)
  3. 3rd and 4th place: $50 USD Amazon Gift Card (Or an equivalent in your country)

Judging Criteria

  1. Image classification use case: We're seeking smart, innovative, and fun use cases for on-device image classification that solve real-world problems. Aim to create apps with value beyond the developer team! We challenge you to create apps that will be useful and monetizeable and we will work with you to bring your apps into the world.
  2. App quality: While we don't expect polished, feature-rich apps, we do want functioning solutions that call the Passio SDK and effectively address real-world challenges.
  3. Classification accuracy: Ensure your image classification works with reasonable accuracy for your chosen use case.

Embrace this opportunity to revolutionize mobile AI and make your mark on the industry. Sign up today and let's create a smarter future together!